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Colposcópio digital video led

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COLPOSCÓPIO DIGITAL LEDCOLPRO digital video colposcope is known for its ruggedness, versatility, precision and ease of use. This device incorporates latest digital signal processing technology to provide high resolution images for effective colposcopy diagnosis & treatment.

Wide auto focus range: automatically focuses on the object up to 30 cm regardless of the patient movement during procedure.
Electronic green filter (5 steps): enhances vascular discrimination without any light loss.
Variable light intensity (5 steps) and colour contrast (5 steps).
Continuous zoom: 1-45X zoom range allows you to examine the cervix at a desired level of magnification.
E-flip & mirror image: powerful functions which ensure extended attention to the minutest details.
High MCD super bright shawdowless light: improves the quality of image which has 6000°K color temperature to produce natural color of tissues & vessels.
1,200,000 pixels: responsible for unmatched & crystal clear image. It delivers excellent image quality in its class.
Magnification & real time display: real time display of magnification & acetic acid test timer help to see the best image at desired magnification level.
2-video output: output can be taken on two different monitors/computers simultaneously.
Universal connector: for any monitor with Y/C or BNC video input.

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