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Pc-ecg solution

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PC-ECG Solution

The KEC-1000 computerized ECG is extremely easy to install, it connects to the USB port of a PC by a standard USB cable or via WiFi to a Mobile Android Application. The system provides a high quality ECG signal due the high sampling rate (2000 Hz), and the noise, motion artifact and mains fi ltering algorithms built into the hardware and the Windows software. Patient data and ECG recordings are stored in the computer. The patient list may contain a virtually unlimited number of names and data records. Simple way of connecting to various medical or hospital database management systems. ECG recordings can be printed onto normal A4 paper using ordinary printers. Comparing medians, visualizing them in three dimensions with adjustable viewpoints. The workstations on a local area network can simultaneously use the program installed on the server. You can further extend the KEC-1000 system with various equipments (ergometers, blood pressure meters etc.) to turn your KEC-1000 system into a complete stress test workstation.

Pc-ecg solution da Kalamed na Equipamentos Médicos - Loja Online de equipamentos e materiais hospitalares